Table 2

Intraclass Correlations for Interobserver and Intraobserver Agreement of Echocardiographic Measurements

Interobserver Agreementp ValueIntraobserver Agreementp Value
 3 mm Hg0.88<0.0010.91<0.001
 10 mm Hg0.92<0.0010.94<0.001
 20 mm Hg0.90<0.0010.98<0.001
Annulus a.-p.
 3 mm Hg0.95<0.0010.80<0.001
 10 mm Hg0.96<0.0010.86<0.001
 20 mm Hg0.94<0.0010.91<0.001
Annulus m.-l.
 3 mm Hg0.96<0.0010.95<0.001
 10 mm Hg0.96<0.0010.86<0.001
 20 mm Hg0.94<0.0010.95<0.001
 3 mm Hg0.98<0.0011.00<0.001
 10 mm Hg0.98<0.0010.99<0.001
 20 mm Hg0.95<0.0010.98<0.001

Interobserver and intraobserver agreement for echocardiographic measurements at different positive end-expiratory pressure levels.

a.-p. = anteroposterior diameter; LVESD = left ventricular end-systolic diameter; m.-l. = medio-lateral diameter.