Table 4

Predictors of Long-Term Mortality After LM PCI

VariableAdjusted Hazard Ratio
(95% CI)
p Value
Multivariable Cox Regression Analysis
Age (per 10-yr increase)1.61 (1.18–2.18)0.002
Male1.30 (0.70–2.35)0.42
LVEF (per 10% increase)0.57 (0.43–0.74)<0.0001
COPD4.20 (1.31–13.46)0.02
Creatinine clearance (per 10-ml increase)0.99 (0.88–1.11)0.85
Previous MI1.65 (1.01–2.71)0.05
History of stroke1.60 (0.81–3.13)0.18
Multivariable Cox Regression Analysis With SS-II
Age (per 10-yr increase)1.30 (0.92–1.83)0.14
Male1.79 (0.92–3.49)0.08
LVEF (per 10% increase)0.65 (0.49–0.86)0.003
COPD3.28 (1.00–10.75)0.05
Creatinine clearance (per 10-ml increase)1.06 (0.95–1.17)0.32
Previous MI1.69 (1.03–2.78)0.04
History of stroke1.60 (0.82–3.15)0.17
SS-II for PCI (per 10-point increase)1.76 (1.10–2.82)0.02

Each model is adjusted for the variables shown in the table.

CI = confidence interval; other abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 3.