Table 2

Multivariable Predictors of Absent Myocardial Perfusion in Models for SBT

Odds Ratio95% Confidence Intervalp Value
Predictors of MBG 0/1
SBT (>4 h vs. ≤2 h)2.081.32–3.28<0.0001
Anterior infarction1.661.29–2.13<0.0001
Reference vessel diameter1.381.10–1.730.005
Lesion minimum lumen diameter0.320.22–0.46<0.0001
Current smoking0.690.55–0.860.001
Predictors of STR <30%
Anterior infarction2.101.63–2.72<0.0001
History of renal insufficiency2.781.62–4.750.0002

MBG = myocardial blush grade; SBT = symptom onset-to-balloon time; STR = ST-segment resolution.