Table 2

Baseline Morphology and Pathology of the Aortic Root and Aortic Valve

Patient #Aortic Annulus DiameterSTJ DiameterAortic Valve PathologyAR GradeVena Contracta Width, mmJet Width/LVOT Width, %VG Mean, mm HgEOA, cm2
MSCT Area–Derived, mmMSCT Perimeter–Derived, mmTEE, mmMSCT, mm
121.4723.572130.5Central AR, degenerativeModerate to severe431.5803.5
222.2323.252029.6Central AR, leaflet calcificationModerate to severe5.75003.4
325.3426.752438.1Central AR, leaflet calcificationModerate to severe5.754.55121.6
424.4225.162246.1Central AR, leaflet calcification, root dilationSevere77004.0
521.7726.112436.3Eccentric AR, right cusp contractureSevere87002.9
625.1627.072432.3Central AR, sclerotic alterations, thickened tipModerate to severe5.54803.4

AR = aortic regurgitation; EOA = effective orifice area; LVOT = left ventricular outflow tract; MSCT = multislice computed tomography; STJ = sinotubular junction; TEE = transesophageal echocardiography; VG = transvalvular gradient.