Table 1

Summary of MACE Comparing Randomized Bifurcation Studies

First Author/Trial (Ref.#)Complex MACESimple MACEp ValueNumber of Patients (Complex/Simple)Follow-Up (Months)
Colombo et al. (9)23%22%NS63/226
Pan et al. (10)8.5%7%NS47/446
Nordic-I (1)3.4%2.9%NS207/2066
Ferenc et al. (11)12.9%11.9%NS101/1016
CACTUS (12)15.8%15%NS173/1776
BBC-ONE (13)15.2%8.0%0.009249/2489
Nordic-II (77)21.8%15.8%NS202/20260
DK-Crush II (18)10.3%17.3%NS185/1858
Nordic-Baltic IV (16)8.3%12.9%NS229/22124
EBC TWO (17)8%10%NS97/10324
BBK-1 (78)16.3%16.2%NS101/10160
PERFECT (79)17.9%18.5NS213/20612

BBC-ONE = British Bifurcation Coronary Study One; BBK-1 = Bifurcation Bad Krozingen trial; CACTUS = Coronary bifurcations: Application of the Crushing Technique Using Sirolimus-eluting stents; DK-CRUSH II = Double Kissing Crush versus Provisional Stenting Technique for Treatment of Coronary Bifurcation Lesions trial; EBC TWO = European Bifurcation Club Trial; MACE = major adverse cardiac event(s); NS = nonsignificant; PERFECT = Optimal Stenting Strategy For True Bifurcation Lesions study.