Table 4

Main Characteristics of DCBs

Study (Ref. #)DCB TypeDrugDrug Dose Density (μg/mm2)ExcipientManufacturer
Biolux P-I (25)Passeo–18 LuxPaclitaxel3.0Butyryl-tri-n-hexyl citrate (BTHC)Biotronik
FAIR (8)IN.PACT AdmiralPaclitaxel3.5UreaMedtronic
FemPac (26)PaccocathPaclitaxel3.0IopromideBavaria Medizin Technologie
IN.PACT SFA (27,30)IN.PACT AdmiralPaclitaxel3.5UreaMedtronic
LEVANT I (28)LutonixPaclitaxel2.0Polysorbate and SorbitolLutonix
LEVANT 2 (6)LutonixPaclitaxel2.0Polysorbate and SorbitolLutonix
PACIFIER (29)IN.PACT PacificPaclitaxel3.0UreaMedtronic
THUNDER (7,31)PaccocathPaclitaxel3.0IopromideBavaria Medizin Technologie

Abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • Current DCB version (manufacturer) is SeQuent Please (Braun).

  • Current DCB version (manufacturer) is Lutonix (Bard).

  • Although in the original manuscripts of the LEVANT I and LEVANT 2 trials the DCB name was “Lutonix”, in some reports and in the protocol of the LEVANT 2 trial the device was designated as “Moxy.”