Table 7

Multivariate Predictors of Clinically Driven Target Lesion Revascularization at 2-Year Follow-Up

Relative Risk95% Confidence Intervalp Value
Previous percutaneous coronary intervention2.241.38–3.640.001
Visual vessel diameter0.640.51–0.800.0001
Total stent length, per 10 mm1.261.14–1.39<0.0001
Post-procedural plaque burden at minimal luminal area site1.031.01–1.060.004
Presence of tissue protrusion0.480.27–0.880.02
Presence of stent edge dissection2.491.19–5.180.02

Other variables in the model that were not significantly associated with target lesion revascularization at 2 years were diabetes mellitus and post-procedural minimal luminal area.