Table 8

Comparison of the Different Predictive Ability of Risk Models When Assessing Hard and Soft Clinical End Points

Risk ScoreStudyHard End Point (Follow-Up)C-StatisticSoft End Point (Follow-Up)C-Statistic
EuroSCORERomagnoli et al. (28)Mortality (In-hospital)0.91Procedural failure (In-hospital)0.56
Mayo Clinic Risk ScoreSingh et al. (32)Death/stroke/MI/emergent CABG (In-hospital)0.78Angiographic success (In-hospital)0.67
AHA/ACC lesion scoreCapodanno et al. (40)Cardiac death (12 months)0.76Cardiac death, MI, TLR (12 months)0.64
SYNTAX scoreCapodanno et al. (40)Cardiac death (12 months)0.83Cardiac death, MI, TLR (12 months)0.64
Clinical SYNTAX scoreGarg et al. (52)All-cause death (60 months)0.80Death, stroke, MI, repeat revascularization (60 months)0.67

TLR = target lesion revascularization; other abbreviations as in Table 1.