Table 2

General Characteristics of the Different Tissues by OCT

TissueBackscatteringAttenuationGeneral Aspects
Calcium++Sharp borders, low signal with heterogeneous regions
Lipid+++++Irregular borders, superficial high signal followed by very low signal
Fibrotic+++Homogeneous bright tissue
Red thrombus++++++Superficial signal rich, low penetration, signal-free shadowing
White thrombus++++Signal rich, more penetration than for red thrombus
Media layer++Low signal region, limited by 2 signal-rich band (IEL/EEL)
IEL/EEL++++High signal band (∼20 μm)

IEL/EEL = internal elastic lamina/external elastic lamina; OCT = optical coherence tomography; + = low; ++ = moderate; +++ = high