Table 3

HRs (BMS/DES) for STEMI Patients Undergoing Stent Placement in New York

OutcomeUnadjusted HR for Primary Angioplasty Cases BMS/DES (95% CI)Adjusted HR for Primary Angioplasty Cases BMS/DES (95% CI)
Mortality1.53 (1.02–2.29)2.01 (1.21–3.34)
CABG revascularization1.74 (1.12–2.71)2.33 (1.31–4.16)
Target vessel revascularization1.25 (0.84–1.88)1.15 (0.74–1.78)
  • Adjusted for individual hospital, IV GPIIb/IIIa platelet inhibitors given prior to the operation, number of vessels diseased, region of disease (LAD involvement or proximal LAD involvement), age, female gender, ejection fraction, peripheral vascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, hemodynamic instability, shock, diabetes, and renal failure. HR = hazard ratio; other abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 2.