Table 4

Clinical Outcomes During the Index Hospital Stay and at 1 Year

SES GroupPES Groupp Value
Procedural outcomes
 Unsuccessful DES deployment0.9%1.8%0.001
 Side branch occlusion2.1%1.3%0.02
 No reflow0.8%0.4%0.08
 Angiographic success99.2%98.9%0.30
In hospital
 Death or MI6.1%7.2%0.09
At 1 yr
 Cardiac death1.6%1.7%0.64
 Cardiac death or MI9.1%10.0%0.11
 Any death2.8%2.9%0.84
 Cardiac death, MI, or TLR12.3%12.4%0.78
 Stent thrombosis0.9%1.2%0.27

DES = drug-eluting stent(s); TLR = target lesion revascularization, other abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • Angiographic success defined as a final diameter stenosis <30% after stent implantation.

  • One-year rates are based on Kaplan-Meier estimates.