Table 1

Definition of Complications and MACE per Study Included in Meta-Analysis

First Author, Year (Ref. #)Study DesignNumber of CentersPopulation Total NDefinition of Complications
Knopf et al., 1999 (5)1190Death, MI, urgent revascularization, acute vessel dissection/occlusion, cardiac arrhythmia, AV fistula with repair, recurrent chest pain
Carere et al., 2000 (6)11100Need for vascular surgery, external bleeding, hematoma, blood transfusion
Koch et al., 2000 (7)011,015Death, MI, urgent revascularization during hospitalization, pericardial effusion, or any complication requiring prolonged hospitalization
Slagboom et al., 2001 (8)01159Cardiac death, MI, urgent revascularization, MI, UA, major access site complication, major bleeding
Dalby et al., 2003 (9)0170Death, MI, TVR
Yee et al., 2004 (10)0175MACE, vascular access site complications
Slagboom et al., 2005 (11)01644Cardiac death, urgent revascularization, MI, rehospitalization, major access site complications and bleeding
Bertrand et al., 2006 (12)111,005Death, MI, urgent revascularization, major bleeding, repeat hospitalization, severe thrombocytopenia, and access site complications
Heyde et al., 2007 (13)11800Cardiac death, MI, stroke, urgent revascularization, access site complications
Khater et al., 2007 (14)01150Death, MI, urgent revascularization, access site complications
Chung et al., 2010 (15)01660Death, MI, urgent revascularization, stroke, bleeding, transfusion, rehospitalization, access site complication
Rao et al., 2011 (16)0903107,018Death, rehospitalization, bleeding, access site complications
Falcone et al., 2011 (17)1144Death, MI, stroke, rehospitalization, access site complications

Significant heterogeneity of the definition of outcomes and complications was noted between studies

AV = arteriovenous; MACE = major adverse cardiovascular events; MI = myocardial infarction; TVR = target vessel revascularization; UA = unstable angina.

  • 0 = observational study; 1 = randomized.