Table 2

Hospital Presentation of the SCAD Patients (N = 50)

Acute coronary syndrome100%
Elevated troponin I100%
Troponin I levels (μg/l)6.7 ± 8.7
Ejection fraction59.1% ± 8.1%
Revascularization performed (PCI or CABG)18.0% (n = 9)
 PCI14.0% (n = 7)
 CABG4.0% (n = 2)
Precipitating factor for SCAD
 Emotional stress26.0%
 Exercise related16.0%
 Heavy isometric weights6.0%
 Regular cardio workout10.0%
 ST-segment elevation30.0%
 ST depression or T inversion26.0%
 Nonspecific ST-T changes18.0%
 Normal ST-T segments26.0%

Values are % or mean ± SD.

PCI = percutaneous coronary intervention; SCAD = spontaneous coronary artery dissection.

  • One had extensive retrograde dissection to left main requiring emergent coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), and 1 had CABG because of simultaneous severe aortic stenosis.

  • Two were lifting weights ≥50 lbs. in the gymnasium. One was lifting her 40-pound child into the car.