Table 1

Practice and Technical Changes to Elevate Patient Radiation Dose Awareness and Reduce Radiation Dose Rate

Practice ChangesDate InitiatedTechnical ChangesDate Initiated
(A) CV Invasive Labs Radiation Safety CommitteeJune 2008(F) Standardized x-ray protocolsApril 2009
(B) 6,000 mGy internal reportingJune 2008(G) Increased spectral filtration for acquisition imagingJune 2009
(C) 3,000 mGy announcementJune 2008(H) Default fluoroscopy program set to lowNovember 2009
(D) Include air-kerma (mGy) in final reportDecember 2009(I) Fluoroscopy frame rate reduced to 7.5 frames/sDecember 2009
(E) Compulsory fellows trainingJuly 2010(J) Reduced acquisition detector target doseJune 2010

CV = cardiovascular.