Table 2

Causes of Bleeding Events According to the STEEPLE Definitions

Retroperitoneal bleeding3 (1.4%)
Intracranial bleeding2 (1.0%)
Bleeding in the closed space3 (1.4%)
Genitourinary bleeding4 (1.9%)
Prolonged epistaxis2 (1.0%)
Gastrointestinal bleeding28 (13.5%)
Hemoptysis3 (1.4%)
Vascular access complication52 (25.1%)
Bleeding related to repeat revascularization5 (2.4%)
Bleeding related with noncardiac surgery13 (6.3%)
Bleeding related with cancer7 (3.4%)
Clinically overt bleeding causing hemoglobin drop or transfusion85 (41.1%)

STEEPLE = Safety and Efficacy of Enoxaparin in PCI Patients, an International Randomized Evaluation.